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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 20, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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better, your hormones and your brain. >> make sure you take your hormones. >> that's the medical term, everybody. "house call" back next sunday. >> all these doctors with great medical advice. four days after a ferry disaster off the coast of south korea, divers finally find a way inside the capsized ship. as they go about the grim task of recovering bodies, a just releases ased transcript of the ship's communications. the boston marathon proving that they're boston strong one year after the bombings that shook the city and the nation. and a look by two "boston globe" reporters takes us inside the case and a look at how the city's doing one year later. and a deadly shoot-out in eastern ukraine, what will it mean for an international deal
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ending the crisis? plus we will have the latest developments in a live report from ukraine. but first, it is easter sunday. christianity's most joyful and hopeful day. around the world christians are celebrating. at the vatican, the pope led a mass for an overflow crowd. connor powell is live in jerusalem with all the latest on the easter celebrations. hello, connor. >> reporter: happy easter. this is a particularly special celebration with the eastern orthodox and the western calendars all overlapping this
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weekend. pope francis celebrating easter today, but last night saying he hopes to bring faith to the edges of the earth. he's also saying today that he's praying for the end of war around the world today saying that he's rejoicing, in jesus, love concurs hatred, francis prayed for an end to wars, particularly for the conflict in syria. also showed solidarity with orthodox christians calling for peace in the ukraine. pope francis took over last year -- traditional issues like abortion and homosexuality and instead on outreach to the poor. francis reaching out to other faiths including imoms and rabbis. he will visit the head of the eastern orthodox church. vatican insiders say this will
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be a show of unity among christian leaders here in jerusalem, but also we'll have a political dimension where he's expected to address the ongoing israeli palestinian conflict. but mostly wants to highlight here today and in the future the oneness of the christian faith around the world. >> thank you very much for that update on this easter. both ukrainian and russian officials report a shoot-out this weekend at a checkpoint set up by pro russian insurgents in eastern ukraine. at least one person is dead, several others injured. meanwhile vice president bidening is traveling to ukraine to meet with ukrainian leaders ahead of the country's presidential election. leland joins us from the ukraine. >> reporter: as is typical in this crisis the ukrainians are blaming the russiians from
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breaking the truth. and one thing is for certain, this latest incident has certainly moved a region on the brink of war one step closer. video from the scene now of the shoot-out overnight. there was two cars that were burned out. you also the remnants of a large firefight. a lot of ammunition on the ground, that kind of thing. the ukrainian interior ministry now says there were three russian separatist, who's behind these attacks or who fired first at this checkpoint remains a matter in dispute. the ukrainians are claiming that these separatist are being run out of moscow by members of the russian intelligence community and russian forces, providing support, logistics that kind of thing, the separatist control a number of buildings throughout the ukraine, including the parliament building which they
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have dug into and they are refusing to leaf. this easter morning, a number of separatist left their come pound without the fear of arrest to several churches around the region. they tell me they feel projected by president vladimir putin who has said in the past that he reserves the right to protect russians in the ukraine. there are tens of thousands of russian soldier s stationed on the eastern ukrainian border, they already invaded crimea, on the other hand there are a lot of folks here who think it's just a matter of if not when russia will find that reason to move across the border. we are outraged by the
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attack on the checkpoint. i understand that the check point was manned by people who didn't have arms. so there were people who were representative of the outright movement in the ukrainian political sector. >> that was the russian ambassador to the united states. president obama said there will be consequences if russia tries to destabilize ukraine and undermine it's sovereignty. here with his thoughts on the situation, military analyst, general jack keane. there are so many different flash points going on here, but there are pro russian supporters who have taken over several ukrainian cities. how do you feel about that? will it stop? will it advance? >> i think putin is on his way to skafsing his object tys here.
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they're all in cities that make a difference, there's air field and road networks. so there's a military connection to what he's doing as well. but the fact of the matter is, we see now very clearly, things that have will be told before but you it's right in front of us, that the ukrainian military is so feeble and so weak, they're not going to be able to take any areas back. he's going to be able to get that kiev government to move towards him. what he has all wanted her and what started this crisis is when jankovic ran out, putin seized crimea, but what he has always desired is to turn that kiev government towards him. he will only invade if there was some capability that could take away what he's been able to
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achieve and it looks like that's not going to happen. >> so what do forces on the other side, we think of nato and u.s. troops, do they move to poland? to the baltic states? what can the u.s. do if anything to stop that aggression? >> we have been focusing on deescalation with putin, we have been concerned about our long-term relationship with him. the fact of the matter is, that policy, when we examine it closeclos closely has invited the escalation that we see. it should be obvious to the europeans and now more of them are starting to see it. we need much tougher economic sanctions, not just one bank, but the entire system. and also in the energy sector, troops on the ground in the baltics and in poland, not just aircraft. and the nato leaders have started to think in that direction. what has happened is our
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weakness and our feebleness has opened the thought with putin and his adversaries, i mean his advisors and leaders that maybe we can collapse nato, maybe we can challenge nato given such a weak response, we need to put the card on the table and make sure that that does not happen. the fact of the matter is that ukraine needs political, economic and military assistance and we have got to get on with doing all of that. >> what is theed with here for action? what is the time frame in which if he do not act we may not have options left? >> the fact of the matter is that putin can exhibit patience here because time is really on his side. there's a may election comiing and that's going to be a factor. that probably will be an anti-russian government that comes out of that. he will continue to pressure that government to have its allegiance aligned with him as opposed to the west. he'll keep those troops on the border for weeks and months and
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be able to do that. >> do you have confidence that that election will proceed purely and fairly? >> probably not. the fact of the matter is that in that part of the country, there's been fraud lent elections in the past, there's a fair amount of corruptions taking place in that country. i don't think that we can count on being that typical western fair and open election, probably unliky. >> thank you, generally, always good to see you. divers are winding down efforts for today on the coast of south korea. but they will correspondent first thing in the morning searching for victims of that ferry disaster. as of now, the death toll stands at 58, but with more than 240 people still unaccounted for, the death toll is expected to rise in the next couple of days. david? >> reporter: yes, divers have finally managed to recover some
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bodies from within the sunken ferry. as you say, the death toll has now gong over 50. those divers finally found a way into the ferry today, discovering bodies inside the ship and they also discovered some outside the ferry. divers had proeviously failed t enter the ferry because of bad weather. 360 divers have been involved in that operation. they have yet to find any survivors in the ship and investigators say there's little chance anyone could still be alive inside. a south korean sailor who was injured in the initial search effort has died from his injuries. and on an island nearby, families have been waiting for news of their loved ones. they're increasingly angry about the pace of the search and to
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leave the island -- as they pushed against the police barricade, they shouted, the government is the killer. the captain and two crewmembers have been arrested on suspicion of negligence and abandoning people in need. the captain was in his cap bin when the accident happened and he was the first to get off the ship. a 25-year-old woman was in charge of the bridge when the ship made a sharp change of direction and then the ferry started to capsize. investigators are looking now to see if that sharp turn and decide what's happened there to make the ferry start sinking. >> new documents in a series o e-mails have surfaced showing that lois learner had discussions with the department of justice about targeting --
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it's clear there is a conflict of interest involving the doj now and it's time for a special prosecutor to investigate this matter. he joins us now live. congressman, thank you for your time today. >> happy easter, shannon. >> thank you so much. and to you as well. a lot of new information coming out this week, but we see a series of e-mails that show conversations that appear to be between the doj, between lois learner and the federal election commission as well. those had not been available to the staff before they were made a freedom of information act request. why were not those provided to you or why had you not seen those before? >> we h those before, it has been a constant effort to try to get those, m l maimai mails. it really raises questions because you have liberal interest groups coming one this theory, hey, let's criminally
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prosecute these people. then you have a liberal democratic senator actually race it at a senate hearing and then you have people in the doj and the irs who are very responsive to this and they're having discussions about it. and learner, she even sent an e-mail to some of her staff and she said, look, the theory behind this is to shut this down. if you prosecute one, then you essentially end up cowing the rest of them into shutting up. and she even said that the legal theory and she put this in quote, would be that they quote it on their irs forms. it was just a reuss to be able to activate the criminal machine of government. so it's a very troubling scenario, but clearly at this point, the doj were the ones who requested to speak with lois learner about this. i have been calling for a special prosecutor for months
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because i didn't have confidence this attorney general eric holder. but now i think there's even more reason to move ahead with that. >> of course the house ways and means committee referred not long ago the criminal complaint co-the doj, many have questions about whether that will be pursued by the doj. who decides to appoint a special prosecutor and in your estimation, why hasn't it happened at this point? >> well, unfortunately, in this instance, that needs to be done by the attorney general, we have had attorney generals in the past like janet reno, who was a democrat, but she appointed a special prosecutor when she thought there was cause to do so. so so it's going to take some public pressure to get this particular attorney general to move. you mentioned the ways and means letter, that is just saying what they think, holder can throw that in his trash can. now we in the house are going to hold learner in contempt when we get back from easter and the doj
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is at least required to bring that in front of a grand jury. so i'm hoping that they'll at least move forward on that. but that's a couple weeks out and we'll have to see what happens. >> very quickly, we just have a few seconds left, but i want to make sure to get your response from the ranking member's statement that all of these investigations are nothing more than a quote, witch hunt. >> well, talk to the people who were targeted, shannon, we have had them come before your committee, when your rights are being under the microscope, when the machine of government is trying to target that. i couldn't disagree with comi-- >> a moving east message from a man who's jailed in iran because of his christian faith. and one year after the
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boston marathon bombing shook that city and the nation, a new book is out giving -- the "boston globe" reporters who wrote that new book will join us next. >> the easter bunny didn't make it up to the international space station, but the dragon did. all that information coming up in a special live report, stay with us. ♪ i know a thing about an ira ♪ and i got the tools ♪ to do it my way ♪ i got a lock on equities
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we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. they'll be considerably more police presence, there are tactical units strategically placed at different points along the route and we have practiced so we feel we're well prepared. >> many will likely be remembering what happened at last year's event when two bombs exploded at the finish line killing three and wounding 264 others, the city's courageous recovery and epic hunt for
10:22 am
justice. scott, i'll start with you, it's such a massive story in so many respects, so many different directions you could have gone with the book, and i understand that you focused on some individual stories to tell the broader story, how did you decide for that particular angle? >> yeah, that's right, we really wanted to tell the story through the eyes of the people who lived it because it is such a big story and there's so many pieces to it and because a lot of us followed it very closely, we wanted to give people a sense of really what it felt like through the people, from a variety of positions on the ground. so we have a cop who was right there on boyle street trying to save lives and question have a doctor who went right to the hospital to save lives. we have crystal campbell who's one of the three victims of the bombing and her family. and then we have heather abbott who's a woman from rhode island, a spectator who was hurt. and the idea was through their
10:23 am
eyes you get a real sense of what this was really like to go through, and they have certainly more authority to tell it than anybody else does. >> you all lived it as you were covering it and it was playing out there in the city. do you think there are things that people will learn from this book, small details and stories and nuggets that maybe get lost in the bigger overall story? >> absolutely so. one of the greats advantages that we had was a little bit more time to go back and revisit some of these sources and spend more time with them and go deeper into their stories and so throughout the book, there's, i think, new insights, new context and we also are bringing it together as a whole as we couldn't do last year as the events were so fragmented as they were playing out. >> what do you think of the legal side of this, the pursuit of justice, the things that are still yet to be undertaken with respect to this case that may in some way and may not provide
10:24 am
closure for all of those who were involved? >> it's a very significant part of the book, we dwell on what we know so far, of course we focus on the man hunt, the incredibly dramatic details of that wild week here last year. and we focus to a degree on, you know, some of the intelligence failures that we have already seen get a lot of attention in recent weeks, should the fbi have known more about tam eerlt should they have done more about tamerlan, the older brother here. but as you said earlier, our goal really was to focus on these five people because i these they're really great stories and once you get to know them a little bit, i hope you kind of care about them and you want to see how these things unfold through their eyes and how they're changed and how they faced in some cases some unimaginable decisions. >> jeanette, does it give us a sense of how the city has a whole has coped and come together? because we know boston is a
10:25 am
unique place, the saying boston strong immediately stuck. and here we are, i think the second largest field of runners they have ever had at the boston marath marathon. it seems like people have rallied together. it seems like that's a big part of the story as well. >> we originally thought of the city of boston almost as a character in this story, because the marathon, such a unique event and a great history. an event that everybody thinks of their own, families come out that day, it's spring, it's a great celebration in the city and so because its such a shareshared occasion, the pain of that day was very much shared and the resolve we're all feeling go into tomorrow's race is again, a community event, a community moment that we're all experiencing together and that's really important to the book as well. >> it is the long mile home. we wish you all the best with the book, and with coverage in the marathon tomorrow scott and jenna. thank you very much.
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>> all right later this week, astronauts on the international space station will head out on an important space walk. and the issue of transparency, once again casting a shadow over the obama administration. the white house press secretary insists this is the most transparent administration ever. we'll have a fair and balanced debate and let you decide right after the break. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [male announcer] glucerna...
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such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. the white house press secretary says the obama administration is the most transparent every. but critics say it's anything but. elizabeth franz here with a check on your other news. >> ukraine and russia are trading blame for a shoot-out by
10:31 am
pro russian insurgents and eastern ukraine. and the very difficult task of recovering an identifying body from the south korean ferry disaster is under way. a transcript of communications between the ferry crew and south korean coast card officials has been released and it reveals indecision from the crew about whether or not to evacuate. meanwhile documents say after getting thousands of complaints, gm waited years to recall skions for failure. the problem led to 12 crashes. and pope francis is praying for peace in global hot spot this is easter sunday. 150,000 people packed into st. peter's
10:32 am
the pontiff praying for peace in ukraine, syria and egypt. this week, white house press secretary jay carney said, quote, i think there's no question, there has never been a more transparent administration. that statement is drawing plenty of skepticism from the right and the left. let's talk about it with fox contributor angel will be mcdowell and jay ka. >> here's stay carney just a week ago. >> the release of that information has made this white house far more transparent than any other white house. that doesn't mean it's perfectly transparent, i mean that creates headaches for us, right, and ridiculous stories on fox news and elsewhere. >> all right, well, let's start there. most transparent ever?
10:33 am
david, what say you? >> i say they are off to a good start from the first term in the administration and are likely to end up being the most transparent and i think he's not alone in making that statement. you had general michael hadden, formerly the bush nsa director, who said that the handling of the metal data issue and efforts that the white house put behind it were a lot more transparent that he served in the bush administration, i think as time goes by, you'll see more evidence of it. but what they first did was to release the white house visitors log, which had never been done before by a presidential administration. there was a lot of pressure before, but other administrations did not see the merit of doing it. this administration has seen the merit of being transparent. >> i want to read you a statement, i believe it is the most secretive white house i
10:34 am
have ever been included in. i have covered presidents from president reagan on p up through now and i was washington bureau chief of the times during george w. bush's first term. that comes from jill abramson of the "new york times," those are her words. >> and some conservatives consider that newspaper being a liberal newspaper. all i have to say is this, shannon, eric holder 2012, held in contempt of congress. lois learner held in contempt of congress. the latest is the affordable care act with the website. why are we having to ask, why is congress having to ask about this information, if the white house is supposed to be the people's house, which is what president obama ran on in 2008 and 2012. >> all those -- did that hurt
10:35 am
their case for being the most transparent ever when there are people on the left and the right and newspaper newspaper -- >> we know that darrell issa is running a circus of hearings and that is for political mileage that he hopes to gain on behalf of the republicans. it has nothing to do about getting to the truth. in fact he even had secret meetings with the inspector general at the irs and didn't care to invite his leading democrat on the committee or other democrats to join in that meeting and in releasing that report, said don't mention the fact that the irs was looking at progressive groups as well, but only that they were looking at those on the far right. so the transparency issue goes both ways. >> it was president obama who actually said he would be the most transparent administration. here we go again, blaming the republicans.
10:36 am
>> i'm just pointing out that the republicans -- >> you said it's political on behalf of obama. >> asking for transparency but not performing transparent acts on their own behalf. >> several e-mails came out of congressman c oourks mmings. testified on capitol hill about facing osha, fbi, atf, all kinds of things that came her way once she applied for tax exempt status and now we find out that there's e-mails linking staffers to the irs. that doesn't seem very transparent either. >> the fact that this is coming out. there needs to be full disclosure on both sides and both sides should oempperate th way. but i can't sit here and let all this roll up on the obama administration or democrats when there are acts like the
10:37 am
republicans who are calling for more information, and information is available to them but they are putting on a political side show to distract us from repealing the minimum wage. repealing health care, which 12 million people are now enrolled in. >> i would like to speak -- >> you have 3 million young adults who now are able to be on their parents insurance. >> we can't debate health care here, because that's a whole other panel. >> congressman cummings, i respect him, and he is a committee member. david is right from the stand point that we have to have transparency on both sides. i don't know what happened with the hearing involving congressman cummings and that
10:38 am
he's a ranking member of a committee and has every right to ask questions of the irs. >> i would advise darrell issa that he might invite the ranking member krurcummings to those meetings. >> we're talking about this administration. so we'll try to stay focused there. da david a some 150,000 attended st. francis who some call the people's pope. easter sunday here at america's news headquarters would not be complete without a message from our own father jonathan morris. he will join us live after the break. and we want to see how you and your family have celebrating both the easter and passover holidays. we'll show some a little later in the show. and we're already getting some.
10:39 am
brady celebrating in virginia. adorable. and across the country, hanna is decorating eggs in california. nice job. and these cutis out on their egg hunts. we love to see your pictures at home. send them in. good job! still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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thousands of pilgrims around the world are celebrating easter in the holy land. according to christian tradition, jesus was resurrected on easter sunday. >> there's a sense of spirit, there's a sense of being uplifted. there's a great sense of people feeling a lot closer to the church than they did, say, two years ago. that's part of the francis effect. he touches people and he shows them a face of the church that's always been there, that hasn't always been quite as evidence. >> from palm sunday a week ago, to easter today. christians the world over have been celebrating a very holy week. fox news contributor father john morris joins us some thoughts on
10:44 am
easter's role in the faith. what does easter mean for christians and is there a broader message for christians across the world? >> today in rome he mentioned there is no meaning of easter if jesus did not rise from the dead. that's the very core, the essence, it's what this is all about. why? because truth then justifies and conquers falsehood, and life conquers death. and that is the essence of this message. >> and so for those who have been through the rights and the recognitions this week and today is the happy ending for christians who believe in the resurrecti resurrection, is there a place today in our culture, especially here in the u.s. to talk about faith, to relate it to our lives, to relate it to current events? it seems sometimes that religion
10:45 am
is one of those topics they don't discuss because it's very divisive, is it fair to have discussions that unify rather than divide? >> religion is only divisive if you use it for selfish purposes. if somebody from another faith comes up to me and tells me they are celebrating their holiday of their faith, they're happy got it. i'm delighted about it. i'm happy to -- i love it when a jewish person for example wishes me a happy easter. that's not divisive at all. as long as we're all seeking service of others and the truth. >> the pope talked about those who need more attention, the hungry the poor, what can we all be doing to be more active in service regardless of our backgrounds or lack thereof? >> there's no, in this case we're talking about pope francis, there's no pope who has
10:46 am
called me personally to a deeper examination of conscience that pope francis, and he's talked about that, about serving those who are most in need, making the faith, messy, practical, hugging another person, being there for those who are most in need. i think we can all do that, it doesn't matter whether you're christian, muslim, or a nonbeliever. i would say our conscience, the spark of the devinivinity withi. >> well, it's not quite the easter bunny, it's more like a dragon. we're going to tell you about this morning's out of space special delivery. when it's donut friday at the office
10:47 am
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>> this american is jail the in iran and has a message. we have often update youed about the flight -- he is currently
10:51 am
serbing an eight-year sentence. while in iran, his health has worsened. he has this easter message from his hospital bed. "sometimes we want to experience the glory and resurrection with jesus without experiencing death with him. we do not realize that unless we pass through the path of death with christ, we are not able to experience resurrection of christ. the prisoner in the darkness in iran but free for the kingdom and light. the international space station received a special easter treat today. some much needed supplies, including more than two tons of food, space walking gear, and other equipment. the space cargo ship arrived this easter morning as the space station was 260 miles above egypt. dominik has more. hi, dominik. >> hey. it was quite a -- above the planet's surface. quite incredible. the dragon capsule docking safely today and bringing those
10:52 am
easter -- they've be doing a space walk. look at the incredible pictures. it's a arm to connect it to the international space station with the crew there. this was the moment of contact. >> canada arm two with the commander at the controls now has the space x3 in its grip. took place right on time at 6:14 a.m. central. the station and dragon were 260 miles above the nile river. an extra treat, and that was the discovery of the earth size in what is described as a life-friendly zone. let's show you an artist renderring of what is being called the keppler 186. looks beautiful, doesn't it? look at that.
10:53 am
it is apparently the right distance from its sun to host ter. >> this is one of the big milestones that we have been looking for in our attempts to find out if there are places just like home, and if there's life out there. one of the big steps is to say is there somewhere that looks to all intents and purposes like earth? >> it is a bit like earth. the sun is actually orbiting around. it takes about 130 days to go around. it's actually absolutely smaller and slightly cooler. apparently the temperature at noon would be the equivalent to ban hour before dusk here on earth, so the conditions just about right for life. no idea yet whether they'll find anything there. back to you. >> beautiful photos and images. in the meantime, dominik, thank you. coming up, one little girl gets what she calls the best easter present ever. we'll tell you what or who landed in her easter basket, and we're taking a look at how you're celebrating. this is ava in fort worth,
10:54 am
texas. looks like she cleaned up there. her basket is full of eggs. it's elana in her first easter. levi celebrating his first easter too. oh. check it out. more of your pictures coming up.
10:55 am
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breaking news. reports from local media in kuala lumpur that a malaysian airline flight 192 has had to turn around after having trouble after taking off. it was headed for bangalor. it had to turn around after the landing gear apparently malfunctioned after take swrof. we understand at this point it is doing some -- it's in the air. it is trying to offload some fuel in order to be able to make a landing, so it is still in the air dumping that fuel and will attempt to land in kuala lumpur.
10:59 am
we'll follow that situation. meanwhile, a little girl's easter wish came true. >> my daddy home from afghanistan. >> she gave me a hug after i left for deployment. i carried it in my pocket with me the whole time on the deployment. i had a piece of her with me the whole time. >> the surprise homecoming-planned for months. his little girl avery gave him that heart to keep with him, and she kept a daddy doll with his picture on it. avery says her daddy being home is the best easter present ever. >> we've been asking you for easter pics of your kids. check out campbell enjoying a day at the park. amelia, will, and their puppy sparky. checking out. audrey in texas dressed up in her easter vest today, and we cannot resist a kid in a bow tie. this is killian, and, finally, jude is celebrating with a wink and a nod. we actually have a surprise visitor with us on easter sunday. it is flat stanley from pearson's corner, elementary school in mechanicsburg, virginia. audrey sent flat stanley with us
11:00 am
to have on the show today. happy easter to you and those in your class. that's it for us today. fox news sunday is next. cardinal donald shares his easter message. i'm shannon green. happy easter. thank you so much for watching fox news. >> umt chris wallace. the u.s. helps broker a deal between russia and ukraine, but now word of new violence. >> i think there is the possibility of prospect to escalate the situation. >> it is absolutely clear now that what is important is that these words are translated immediately into actions. >> we'll have a live report from ukraine, and we'll discuss the potential for new sanctions if separatist forces refuse to stand down with russia's ambassador to the u.s. sergei kislov. it's a fox news sunday exclusive.


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